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Removal of trees is a task that requires experts.

This is because it requires precision, specific skills and sometimes specialised tools and equipment. It will also require awareness and adherence to safety standards. And due to a significant number of do-it-yourselfers who die or get injured while trying tree removal on their own, there is no point in scrimping and the job should be left to professionals. In trying to determine how much tree removal will cost, there are many factors that go into consideration.

Factors that determine the cost of tree removal

Height of the tree

With most tree removal firms, the cost of removing a tree depends on its height. In some cases, there’s a fixed fee for every foot. But the cost per foot is also dependent on the height, with the cost per foot likely to be lower for relatively short trees and higher for relatively taller trees.

Insurance and regulatory expenses

Firms that engage in tree removal have to take out insurance for their employees. This is because the job of tree removal is a risky one, and requires the workers to be covered. Tree removal companies may also be required to have licenses depending on the jurisdiction.

Utility lines

The tree that is being removed may be situated near utility lines, such as the electricity lines. These pose a major hazard and they may require being removed first. This is additional work that will also involve the tree removal firm requiring the utility firm’s assistance and presence. Thus, this may contribute to the tree removal exercise costing you more.


In some emergencies, where time is of the essence, the price of tree removal is likely to be high. This is the case involving, for instance, a tree that is hanging dangerously after a lightning strike. Due to the fact that the workers of the tree removal firm have to work at a fast pace before more damage is incurred, the cost will be higher. The price of tree removal will also be higher if the workers are performing a job in difficult conditions such as stormy weather. The cost is higher in such a situation because the workers are exposed to increased risk of getting injured and so on.

Complexity of the job

Some tree removal tasks are more complex than others and may require highly specialized equipment. The more the equipment needed, and the more specialized the equipment required, the more expensively you will be charged.

Kind of tree

How easy or how hard it is to remove a tree also depends not just on height but also on the kind of tree. The oak tree, for instance, is strong and tough and, therefore, more expensive to have it removed. This is because of the effort, skills and equipment required.


The diameter of the tree is also a factor, which determines the total cost of tree removal. The thicker the tree, the higher the cost.
While it is possible to estimate how much tree removal will cost you, the above is just a guide. A tree removal contractor is better placed to give a more accurate figure, once they have conducted their own assessment.

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